Man Arrested After Six Years of Hunt Who Killed Bear to Eat Their Penis

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Man arrested after six years of hunt who killed bear to eat their penis
Man arrested after six years of hunt who killed bear to eat their penis

In a bizarre, Madhya Pradesh Special Task Force for Wildlife has nabbed one of the most wanted tiger poachers Luzalen alias Jasrat. Jasrat obsessed for killing bears to eat their penises had kept him on the wanted list in several states. The STF MP said that with his arrest the mystery of poaching tigress T13 has been also resolved. Yarlen accepted in front of SIT that she died at his hands.

Police was hunting for this man for the past 6 years. He was nabbed with three fake voter and aadhar cards.  When police interrogated that accused strongly he confessed that he become poacher at the age of 15 and has killed several tigers, sloth beers, hundreds of wild boars and peacocks. He has good understanding with the local villagers’ o that they did not nose around. He would hunt wild boars and gift it to them to buy their silence.

Yarlen use to supply the reproductive organs and gall bladders of male sloth beers to international market as apprehended the police while his connection is under examination. He is also being questioned over two bear kills near the buffer zone of Kanha Tiger Reserve and several others in Chhindwara, Betul and Burhan and Burhanpur in 2014.

Most probable the mystery of killing Tigress T13 has been resolved with his arrest as Yarlen has admitted in front of STF he killed Tigress T13 in Pench National Park. Her skin was found in Nepal. T13’s disappearance had sparked a furore across the country. She was last camera-trapped with its cubs in Raikassa area of Pench on February 28, 2012. Now with the arrest of Yarlen will strengthen India’s case for further examination so that it could moral down if anyone thinking of wildlife poaching.

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List Of Top Activities That You Can Enjoy On A Weekend Trip To Pench National Park!

Pench Forest is the actual home of our Mowgli who was the childhood wild hero for many of us. It is the place of cunning Sher Khan and saviour Bagheera. So, what if you get a chance to be at your imaginary territory of your hero – Mowgli? Isn’t it so interesting? Well, yes, the thought of being at a place that belongs to any of our favourite childhood TV character is simply amazing for anyone. And when this thought gets encouraged with your passion for wildlife, you cannot hold yourself back to be on a wild tour to Pench National Park.

Pench National Park

Although, this park attracts wildlife lovers to offer them the most happening wildlife safari excursion inside the forest and reserve area, yet there are many other activities that you can entertain you during your trip to this park. In this article, we will present top activities to enjoy on a weekend trip to Pench National Park.

Enjoying Jeep Safari In Pench Forest & Reserve –
Jeep safari is one of the most entertaining and popular activities among tourists of Pench National Park. Jeep safari can be enjoyed in the morning and evening just as other national park and reserves in India. But, the best thing about Pench National Park is the provision for night safari. Yes, this park offers wildlife enthusiasts to enjoy jeep safari at night.

For having the best wildlife experience, jeep safari is regarded as the most perfect alternative. For this purpose, you can contact to your tour operator and make reservation for jeeps safari in Pench National Park.

Bird Watching Tour In Pench National Park –
Pench National Park and Reserve accommodates over 210 birds’ species which include numerous resident and migratory birds. Known for crow pheasant, Indian Roller, Herons, Northern Pintail, Magpie Robin, Myna etc. this place is an ideal platform for wildlife and bird photography.

Fun of Elephant Ride In Pench National Park & Reserve –
You cannot expect the fun and enjoyment from any other activity that comes from elephant ride in Pench. The wild territory of the heroic childhood character Mowgli is the best explored from the back of the majestic elephants. The lavishness of the forest and the stunning wildlife presence appear to be phenomenal when you watch out from a great height of an elephant.

Other Activities of Pench National Park – Being a national park and forest, this place offers visitors ample opportunity to have the best wildlife excursion of their life. So, the activities inside the park revolve around forest and wildlife. Jungle Walk is another amazing and soothing activity that you must try during your visit to Pench National Park.

Exploring Various Attractions of Pench National Park & Forest –
Being a vast forest territory in Madhya Pradesh, Pench National Park comprises of several attractions that make a great tour experience for vacationers. These attractions include Pench River, Nature view in Pench and Kullu Tree. So, let’s check out how these attractions can make a tour more interesting for visitors.

A Serene Visit To Pench River –
The entire are of Pench River is packed with the exclusive presence of nature that means one can spend an exceptionally wonderful time in the company of nature. Though it does not provide much safe opportunities to be here for long due to the presence of numerous wild animals in this area. But, if you live in a nearby hotel or lodge, you can definitely have a good time being here. For a relaxing time amidst nature, you must visit this river.

Witnessing The Natural Beauty of Pench –
As jeep safari takes tourists right amidst the core of jungle, it makes visitors closer and fully covered with nature. It would not just allow you to witness unseen species of wildlife, but also let you explore a variety of trees and plans of this place. In your search of the extreme beauty of nature, you should not forget to sit on the bank of Pench River.

Exploring Kullu Tree –
Kullu Tree is one of the most popular landmarks of Pench National Park area. This tree is one of the must explored things and activities in Pench as people love to gaze here for some time. Kullu tree is fully covered with white bark and open branches offer a warm welcome to guests.

So, these are few activities that you must be engaged in for an entertaining experience in Pench National Park and Reserve.