Best Luxurious Resorts in Pench National Park

Whenever we plan for a trip on a vacation, apart from other important things accommodation is one of the most important thing. If our stay is at a convenient and a comfortable place then the enjoyment of our trip gets multiplied by many times. Staying amidst the wild surroundings in the Pench National Park is totally a different experience for any tourists. Tourists gets tired badly by exploring the Pench jungle whole day, so it’s essential for tourists to have a comfortable stay. The stay at the resorts of Pench National Park offers an experience of authentic wildlife without making any compromise with the comforts of the tourists. Even the wild life enthusiasts from international level have a great craze for Pench National Park. Tourists even from outside India comes and visit this national park and thus they satisfy their hunger of exploring some adventurous national park.

Numbers of luxurious resorts in pench are there inside and in nearby of Pench National Park. These resorts are built on the theme of wilderness of jungle only so that tourists should not forget the wilderness of the national park while staying in the comforts of the resorts. There are numbers of luxurious resorts as well as budget resorts at affordable range and thus make the holidays of the tourists marvelous and memorable. Most of the resorts are located in the middle of the jungle so that tourists can feel the freshness of air and enjoy the undiluted beauty of the nature. Apart from all these, you can enjoy the facilities of the resorts like multi cuisine restaurants, outdoor swimming pool, spa center and many other facilities. After staying in these resorts you will feel that you have spent money on the most worthy things and will gather memories of every moment for your life time. Though there are numbers of attractive resorts in Pench National Park but some of the resorts of Pench national park, gives you an unforgettable life time memory.

Pench Jungle Camp

Tourists accommodation at Pench Jungle Camp not only offers an experience of jungle wilderness but also the comforts of resorts. So it’s a great place for adventure lovers. The area of this popular resort is 12 acres and located amidst the serene atmosphere and the lush greenery of the Pench National Park. This resort offers everything which are required by the enthusiast of wild life and nature lovers. Tourists have to choose the accommodation of their choice which suits to their style and budget like safari tents which are air conditioned, luxury cottages and the beautiful spacious rooms which are laced with entire facilities and comforts.

Mahua Vann Resortmahuva-vann-resort

Mahua Vann Resort is known for its warm hospitality and best services and so it is said to be one of the most popular resorts in the Pench National Park. This resort offer tourists accommodation in three categories, Machan cottage, deluxe rooms and super deluxe rooms. The interiors of the rooms maintains the wilderness ambiance but they are featured with entire modern amenities. Here tourists will experience an unforgettable stay, especially its ambiance and setting with the forest land gives natural effect. So for wild life lovers and nature lovers, this place becomes memorable. It’s one of the best place to enjoy and experience the nature closely apart from the large numbers of services like bullock cart ride, cycling tours, village walks, barbeque, conference hall and many other facilities.

Tuli Tiger CorridorTuli-Tiger-Corridor

It is located in the buffer zone of the beautiful national park of Pench. Tuli Tiger Corridor resort is ecofriendly which covers an area of 22 acres. The modern amenities and the luxurious accommodations attracts a large numbers of tourists ofthe Pench national park to this beautiful resort. The interiors of the resort is in such a way that  while enjoying the comforts of the resorts you will not get the feeling of being disconnected from the wilderness of the Pench national park. Tourists here get delighted by their stay amidst the wooden interiors which are crafted finely, its beautiful ambience and its unique dining area. They give the feeling of authentic jungle and a beautiful experience of wilderness surroundings. For staying here, tourists have to choose their accommodation which includes tents and cottages.

Village Machaan Resort

This is a place where tourists can experience lots of fun apart from enjoying natural and cultural heritage of Madhya Pradesh. It is located amidst the greenery and beautiful surroundings of the forest. It has occupied an important place in the name of the resorts in Pench national park. Glass cottages and the beautiful scenic lawns of the village Machaan resorts offers a beautiful view to the tourists. This resort is having Machans, equipped with entire modern amenities offers a spectacular view to the tourists in addition to the endless wilderness. Here tourists gets the opportunity to stay in the individual glass cottages, exotic cottages for honeymoon couple and specially abled cottage. Here tourists enjoy delectable meals in its restaurant ‘Palm’. The resort arranges the activities like Bungee Trampoline, night safari and night drive, mini theatre, nature walk, bird watching and many others.

Tathastu ResortTathastu-Resort-Pench

In order to experience a successful holiday, tourists must stay here and experience the comforts of Tathastu Resort. This resort is the best place to host the tourists who are interested in spending their precious time in the lap of the nature or the wilderness of surroundings. This resort covers a vast area and an ultimate example of the purity of the nature. Here the tourists have numbers of options in choosing their accommodations. They can accommodate themselves in mud room, tree house, villa, tent, cave room and monarch as per their choice, budget and suitability. Here you will get a memorable stay as the features of the resorts are sufficient enough to flatter their senses from swimming pool to a beautiful art center.

Apart from these resorts there are many other resorts which are beautiful, comfortable and affordable for the tourists. Stay at these resorts offer the tourists a life time memory.

Take Pleasure of Wildlife Safari in Pench National Park – Sharing A Personal Experience!

Pench National Park is an attractive destination to a passionate wildlife lover like me and this attraction dragged me to the deciduous forest of Madhya Pradesh – Pench National Park and Reserve where I had a wonderful wildlife safari experience that was beyond my imagination. Sharing my experiences in this post, I would like to fuel up all the wildlife explorers and direct them to a magical realm of wild safari in Pench National Park. So, let me share my story of wildlife safari in Pench National Park that I had recently during my vacations.

In The Wildlife Reserve Of Pench –

Scrolling through the Pench forest in the dry teak jungle region on a scorching summer noon, I started my safari excursion in Pench National Park along with few of my friends with similar likings and love for wildlife. Being passionate about finding unseen wildlife species in their natural habitat, we all were extremely excited on this tour. No doubt, the summer noon was harsh, but our curiosity to meet the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger – the pride of Pench was on the top. So, we kept moving in the deciduous forest of Pench in an open jeep, holding a camera in my hand.

Suddenly, a loud but dominating roar of leopard dragged our attention to it as our guide told us that this roar is from the leopard. The roar of the big cat was truly stunning and our jeep got stopped at the moment. Everyone in our jeep started scanning the jungle immediately for having the glimpse of roaring creature and then our nature expert pointed his finger towards the area around grassland where we spotted the Leopard having rest under the open sky.

This was a remarkable sight of the beast – the leopard as I never had this sort of opportunity earlier during my previous safari experiences. It seemed as the luck was at my side. This sight made me still for some time when I had a brief eye contact with the resting beast.

During this session, I had many great and rare moments to click amazing pictures of the leopard which I desperately wanted to. After sometime, the leopard stood up and move back to his earlier spot and then, we too started our jeep and driven ahead to more wildlife encounters.

Pench National Park & Its Unbreakable Relation With Wildlife –
birds in pench national parkBeing an old and notable wildlife destination in India, Pench National Park and Reserve shares a relation that cannot be broken so easily with wildlife. Giving shelter to uncountable wild species, this park has become an integral part of wildlife treasures of India. Spanned in the southern region of Madhya Pradesh in Seoni district, this reserve covers a huge area of around 758 sq. kms from which 299 sq. kms area is said to be the main territory of this park. Immensely dominated with trees of mahua and teak, Pench is a fully dry forest in the summers.

The safari drive in the leafless forest trees of Pench goes on to several miles and we had a mysterious sense throughout. In the morning, the climate was a bit fine, but as noon strikes, the temperature went on to around 40 degrees. In such a hot climate, we kept on chasing wildlife of Pench Forest where we found leopards and dogs moving around. As per the recent leopard count of Pench, they are around 100 in the park and the counting of wild dogs is yet unknown.

pench national park 2
pench national park 2

This is truly an extra ordinary park with great ambiance and surroundings. Finding a similar king of wildlife destination in the state of Madhya Pradesh is something not possible. The view of curvy roads and naked forest trees alongside the River is indeed divine and alluring for a nature lover like me and this view is quite similar to what we saw in the famous cartoon film – Mowgli.

Sharing Morning Safari Experience in Pench National Park –

Being a morning guy, I love the idea of morning safari. While exploring the treasures of Pench Forest, I was fully bewildered with the serenity of the environment of the park. The dry rustling leaves and chirping birds create a happy environment that is a great treat for tourists enjoying the morning safari. At that time, I loved the cold and soothing breeze and the forest sound. This time, we were taken to the core area of Tiger Reserve in Pench. For that purpose, we were taken there through Karmajhiri Gate. At that time, only 2 more jeeps were there waiting to get entry. The reason for less vehicles available there was the availability of resorts near Turia Gate.

After taking official permission, our jeep entered the Pench Forest along with a guide for a better safari experience. Being a curious wildlife enthusiast, I kept my eyes on the jungle to search leopards or big cats of Pench. Apart from giants of Pench, I felt great on seeing spotted deer available in abundance there.

The guide helped me a lot to have great sights of wild animals of the park and with the rising sun, there wildlife sights got clearer and better. The golden rays of sun enhanced the overall beauty of the jungle and I actually loved that ambiance.

Morning safari in Pench allowed me to see wild animals namely Indian Roller bird, sambar, langurs, peacocks, deer, monkeys etc. I was thrilling seeing the way these birds and animals living in the forest in a great harmony.

Encounter With RaiyyaKassa –
As tigers and leopards are the key attraction of every national park and reserve, we were also hoping high for encountering the big cat of Pench in our morning safari excursion. Our guide was quite alert for any of the alarm call and I was also eager for the same. With the rapidly growing temperature, we started feeling less probability to find any tiger in the park and then we entered the Bijamatta area of the Pench Forest. As there we saw several vehicles standing to see tiger, we also stopped there for a while. After waiting for some time, I got that opportunity which was waited for long. The epic sight of tiger near the water hole was actually enlightening. The driver started driving alongside the tiger as he walked to water hole and sat there. I had great clicks of that tiger and was told by our guide that he is called with a name RaiyyaKassa in Pench National Park and nearby areas.

So, the tour to Pench Forest and Reserve is truly brilliant as it was packed with excitement, fun, surprises, wild encounters and so much more.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Pench National Park In Madhya Pradesh!

Pench National Park is one of the most alluring and exquisite wildlife destinations for travellers who crave for unique and rare wildlife in India. Located in the Madhya Pradesh state of India, this place is fully covered with mesmerising mountain ranges of Satpura Hills and a beautiful fresh water lake flows right through the Pench Forest. Finding such an ecosystem in a national park is not a common thing in India, but Pench National Park owns these unique characteristics.

Pench National ParkAlthough, the entry in the Pench National Park and Reserve is open for visitors throughout the year, yet you cannot expect the more desired presence of wildlife in all seasons. Especially, when your target is to meet some unseen variety of birds and animals, it is mandatory to visit Pench National Park at a right time. Therefore, it is obvious and natural that the information on the best time to visit Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh is quite critical and helpful for desired tourists and this article will present that information in a right way.

Best Time To Explore Pench National Park & Reserve In Madhya Pradesh –

The best time to have the most amazing encounters with wild animals of Pench National Park is during the months of October to June as the climate during these months is favorable and appealing to wildlife of the park. In the October month, your visit to this park will enable you to see an exceptional sight of colourful birds and the best of nature as after monsoon, it become denser and more attractive due to appealing greenery all around.

Due to such a heavenly view of the park, this season is accepted as the best time to visit Pench National Park by a majority of tourists. Though the perception of the best season for every tourist differs due to difference in thinking and like-mindedness. So, based on different interest, one should plan a visit to Pench National Park in different months, but within October to June months only.

Best Time To See Pench National Park For Tiger Lovers –

Tigers and leopards are the most desired creatures in Pench National Park among all kinds of visitors. If your prime aim is to spot numerous tigers during your safari excursions in this park, then plan a tour to this place during summers. During this period, the tigers and leopards come out from their dens to waterholes of Pench River. This way, you grow your chances to meet the big cats of Pench near the water reservoir of Pench National Park.

Although, summers are the best to spot tigers in Pench National Park, yet for many tourists, this climate is extremely unbearable and harsh because of the high temperature that goes up to 40 degree Celsius. If weather is not an issue to you, then summer holidays are the best option to grab the opportunity to step inside the forest of Pench National Park.

Visiting Pench National Park In Winters – From the months of October to March, the area of Pench National Park becomes cold and soothing. The temperature during this period range between 11 – 30 degrees. The soothing climate of this area encourage visitors to be here during this time, but the encounters with wildlife during this period are less. For safari, one must choose day time as it allows clarity and higher sights of wildlife.

Pench National Park – A Lifeline for Tigers In India – Reasons To Choose Pench As Your Next Wildlife Destination!

The roaring sound of tigers is quite common in the Pench National Park as this place is a lifeline for tigers in India. As the count of tigers is gradually declining in other national parks and reserves in India, Pench National Park is the place where these numbers have grown in recent years. Yes, you must be surprised to know that Pench National Park of Madhya Pradesh in India has recently revealed the growing numbers of its endangered and reserved wildlife species – Royal Bengal Tigers in 2016.

pench national park 2
pench national park 2

As per recent count, there has been an increase in tiger population that was earlier noted as 31 and now reached to 44. This count practice was conducted mutually by Pench Tiger Foundation and Wildlife Conservation Trust on January 2017.

This noted upsurge in the population of tigers has encouraged us to accept Pench National Park as the paradise for tigers. During this count, the authorities have noticed around 7 to 8 tiger cubs available in the park and hence, we can confidently say that this park is a real lifeline for Royal Bengal Tigers as it offers them a perfect ecosystem for a perfect survival and growth.

So, if you feel an attachment to these roaring stars and want to see them moving freely in their natural home, then tour to Pench National Park is the best option for you. For summer holidays, Pench can be a perfect gateway spot for wildlife lovers as it is the best period to see the wilderness of tigers residing inside the park. Now, we will talk about top 5 reasons encouraging wildlife enthusiasts and tiger lovers to plan a tour to Pench National Park. Considering these reasons, you must head to this ultimate tigers’ paradise and enjoy a fantastic wildlife excursion.

Easy To Reach Wildlife Destination in India – Located in the mid zone of India in Madhya Pradesh, Pench National Park offers an easy accessibility to all kinds of tourists coming from any state of the country. Falls in the Seoni district in MP, this park is located on the National Highway 7 where you can reach by road easily. Though this park is divided in different zones, the tourists can enter here through only two entry gates namely Turiya and Karmajhiri. You can find accommodation right close to the Pench Safari gates which make this place a perfect wildlife tour destination for vacationers.

Well-Organised Safari Experiences In Pench National Park – During the months between November – May, you can have the greatest wildlife experience in Pench National Park and Reserve. For witnessing the highest numbers of tigers or having the best tiger encounters, we suggest you to plan your tour to Pench during summers. The Pench National Park allows two safaris in a day. One at 6 AM to 11 AM and second at 3 PM to 6 PM. From the online booking services, the tourists can easily book safaris for Pench National Park and thus the whole process is smart and well-organised. During your visit, you must carry your ID proof like Adhaar Card with you.

Experience Sighting A Variety of Wild Animals Moving In Their Natural Home – Mainly famous for the presence of Royal Bengal Tigers, Pench National Park is a true lifeline for these endangered animals in India. According to the recent tiger count, the park accommodates around 40 tigers inside. Apart from tigers, this place is a home of around 40 mammals’ species, 15 reptiles’ species, 3 amphibians’ species. For more vigour wild encounter, you should concentrate during your visit as you can spot chital, gaur, jackals, sambar, nilgai, wild pig etc. here. Being a lucky tourist, you can find Striped Hyena, Sloth Bear and Indian Leopard.

Great Experience To Observe Responses Of Forest Guards And Tour Guides To The Calls of Wilds – Pench National Park employs great forest guards and guides who know the perfect way to respond to the calls of wild animals. Being professional and highly experienced in their job, they easily understand the calls of animals and respond in a right way to these calls. So, you must feel thrilled over these observations. Taking inspiration from the monkey calls to chirping for birds, these guides pay attention to each and every small aspect that occurs in the region and thus, share knowledge about their observation during these trips.

High Probabilities To Discover Tigers – As Pench National Park & Reserve spans in a huge area of 760 sq. km from which 299 sq. km makes the main area and remaining 464 sq. km makes the buffer area. In the summers, the visitors have high probabilities to spot tigers in this place with around 40 tigers with significant water bodies. With around 2 or 3 Pench Safaris, a vacationer can have great encounters with tigers.So, these are some key reasons to make Pench National Park as your next wildlife and tiger special destination. Plan a perfect gateway this holiday season and discover the unseen sights of wild tigers in Pench.

List Of Top Activities That You Can Enjoy On A Weekend Trip To Pench National Park!

Pench Forest is the actual home of our Mowgli who was the childhood wild hero for many of us. It is the place of cunning Sher Khan and saviour Bagheera. So, what if you get a chance to be at your imaginary territory of your hero – Mowgli? Isn’t it so interesting? Well, yes, the thought of being at a place that belongs to any of our favourite childhood TV character is simply amazing for anyone. And when this thought gets encouraged with your passion for wildlife, you cannot hold yourself back to be on a wild tour to Pench National Park.

Pench National Park

Although, this park attracts wildlife lovers to offer them the most happening wildlife safari excursion inside the forest and reserve area, yet there are many other activities that you can entertain you during your trip to this park. In this article, we will present top activities to enjoy on a weekend trip to Pench National Park.

Enjoying Jeep Safari In Pench Forest & Reserve –
Jeep safari is one of the most entertaining and popular activities among tourists of Pench National Park. Jeep safari can be enjoyed in the morning and evening just as other national park and reserves in India. But, the best thing about Pench National Park is the provision for night safari. Yes, this park offers wildlife enthusiasts to enjoy jeep safari at night.

For having the best wildlife experience, jeep safari is regarded as the most perfect alternative. For this purpose, you can contact to your tour operator and make reservation for jeeps safari in Pench National Park.

Bird Watching Tour In Pench National Park –
Pench National Park and Reserve accommodates over 210 birds’ species which include numerous resident and migratory birds. Known for crow pheasant, Indian Roller, Herons, Northern Pintail, Magpie Robin, Myna etc. this place is an ideal platform for wildlife and bird photography.

Fun of Elephant Ride In Pench National Park & Reserve –
You cannot expect the fun and enjoyment from any other activity that comes from elephant ride in Pench. The wild territory of the heroic childhood character Mowgli is the best explored from the back of the majestic elephants. The lavishness of the forest and the stunning wildlife presence appear to be phenomenal when you watch out from a great height of an elephant.

Other Activities of Pench National Park – Being a national park and forest, this place offers visitors ample opportunity to have the best wildlife excursion of their life. So, the activities inside the park revolve around forest and wildlife. Jungle Walk is another amazing and soothing activity that you must try during your visit to Pench National Park.

Exploring Various Attractions of Pench National Park & Forest –
Being a vast forest territory in Madhya Pradesh, Pench National Park comprises of several attractions that make a great tour experience for vacationers. These attractions include Pench River, Nature view in Pench and Kullu Tree. So, let’s check out how these attractions can make a tour more interesting for visitors.

A Serene Visit To Pench River –
The entire are of Pench River is packed with the exclusive presence of nature that means one can spend an exceptionally wonderful time in the company of nature. Though it does not provide much safe opportunities to be here for long due to the presence of numerous wild animals in this area. But, if you live in a nearby hotel or lodge, you can definitely have a good time being here. For a relaxing time amidst nature, you must visit this river.

Witnessing The Natural Beauty of Pench –
As jeep safari takes tourists right amidst the core of jungle, it makes visitors closer and fully covered with nature. It would not just allow you to witness unseen species of wildlife, but also let you explore a variety of trees and plans of this place. In your search of the extreme beauty of nature, you should not forget to sit on the bank of Pench River.

Exploring Kullu Tree –
Kullu Tree is one of the most popular landmarks of Pench National Park area. This tree is one of the must explored things and activities in Pench as people love to gaze here for some time. Kullu tree is fully covered with white bark and open branches offer a warm welcome to guests.

So, these are few activities that you must be engaged in for an entertaining experience in Pench National Park and Reserve.

Cherish the Wildlife moment in Pench National Park through Open Jeep Safari

If you are a hard core wildlife lover and touring Pench National Park then your wildlife adventure at Pench is literally incomplete without an exciting and thrilling open Jeep safari amidst jungle. Exploring the hidden part of the dense forest via four wheeler gypsy seems to be an apex form of wildlife tourism. The most visited Tiger Reserve and Wildlife Sanctuary Pench transports you from one comfortable experience to another different – adventure filed forest tour. Open Jeep Safari is considered the most feasible option in order to explore the true wilderness of the park.

The thrilling safari in Pench Tiger Reserve gives you a wonderful opportunity and takes you into an area of undulating, gentle slopes and sheltered valleys with the highest density of herbivores in India. During Wildlife safari you will realize that what short of pleasure we experience while we go deep inside the nature, really a true excitement of being in jungle.  The geographical topography of park changes as you drive through the Pench Tiger buffer area and get stick to your memory.

Wildlife experts suggest open jeep safari as the best suitable idea for sighting of animals and birds in their natural habitats that really makes your trip unforgettable. Watching the Royal Bengal Tiger – the real pride of Pench National Park is really awesome. If you are planning Holiday trip in a group of 5 to 6 people then Jeep safari would be the best option to go inside the park, You can book online safari booking in pench.

Entrance Gate – Pench National Park

There are two main entry gates to the Pench Tiger Reserve – one is Turia Gate and Kashmiri gate. The park has also five gates namely Khursapar, Sillari Gate, Wolf sanctuary, Rukhad and jamtara.

Reporting Spot for Jeep Safari:

Core Zone: Turia, Karmajhiri (Bit far) & Jamtara (from MP ) – Kurazapara gate (from  Maharashtra)

Buffer Zone: Buffer Zones – (Rukhad and Teliya – MP)

Safari Timings: (Duration: 03 Hours)


Shift I: 05:30 AM – 10:00 AM

Shift II: 03:00 PM – 06:30 PM


Shift I – 06:00 AM -10:00 AM

Shift II – 02:30 PM -06:30 PM


Night Safari: – 05:00 P.M to 10:00 PM


Jeeps Available for safari

Zones No. of vehicles allowed per day Morning safari vehicles count Evening safari vehicles count
Turia 94 47 47
Karmajhiri 12 6 6
Jamtara 8 4 4
Total 114 44 44



Important Places of the park


  • Turia Gate – Entry point 2.5 km from Village Machaan
  • Alikatta – The central hub and meeting point of the Park
  • Piyorthadi – Rocky area famous for leopard sightings
  • Junewani Talao – A small picturesque pond
  • Jamun Nala Area – Mostly Grassland
  • Chindimatta – Junction of roads from Chindwara-Seoni-Maharashtra
  • Sitaghat /Raiyakassa – Breathtaking view of the banks of river Pench and birding
  • Kalapahad – Highest point in the park. Wireless tower installed. Closed for tourists
  • Bodha Nala – Lake and very pretty area
  • Baghin Nala – Most famous for Tiger sightings in the past few seasons
  • Bijamatta – Pond with rocky terrain and hills
  • Karmajhiri – Entry gate on other side of Seoni Range