Cherish the Wildlife moment in Pench National Park through Open Jeep Safari

If you are a hard core wildlife lover and touring Pench National Park then your wildlife adventure at Pench is literally incomplete without an exciting and thrilling open Jeep safari amidst jungle. Exploring the hidden part of the dense forest via four wheeler gypsy seems to be an apex form of wildlife tourism. The most visited Tiger Reserve and Wildlife Sanctuary Pench transports you from one comfortable experience to another different – adventure filed forest tour. Open Jeep Safari is considered the most feasible option in order to explore the true wilderness of the park.

The thrilling safari in Pench Tiger Reserve gives you a wonderful opportunity and takes you into an area of undulating, gentle slopes and sheltered valleys with the highest density of herbivores in India. During Wildlife safari you will realize that what short of pleasure we experience while we go deep inside the nature, really a true excitement of being in jungle.  The geographical topography of park changes as you drive through the Pench Tiger buffer area and get stick to your memory.

Wildlife experts suggest open jeep safari as the best suitable idea for sighting of animals and birds in their natural habitats that really makes your trip unforgettable. Watching the Royal Bengal Tiger – the real pride of Pench National Park is really awesome. If you are planning Holiday trip in a group of 5 to 6 people then Jeep safari would be the best option to go inside the park, You can book online safari booking in pench.

Entrance Gate – Pench National Park

There are two main entry gates to the Pench Tiger Reserve – one is Turia Gate and Kashmiri gate. The park has also five gates namely Khursapar, Sillari Gate, Wolf sanctuary, Rukhad and jamtara.

Reporting Spot for Jeep Safari:

Core Zone: Turia, Karmajhiri (Bit far) & Jamtara (from MP ) – Kurazapara gate (from  Maharashtra)

Buffer Zone: Buffer Zones – (Rukhad and Teliya – MP)

Safari Timings: (Duration: 03 Hours)


Shift I: 05:30 AM – 10:00 AM

Shift II: 03:00 PM – 06:30 PM


Shift I – 06:00 AM -10:00 AM

Shift II – 02:30 PM -06:30 PM


Night Safari: – 05:00 P.M to 10:00 PM


Jeeps Available for safari

Zones No. of vehicles allowed per day Morning safari vehicles count Evening safari vehicles count
Turia 94 47 47
Karmajhiri 12 6 6
Jamtara 8 4 4
Total 114 44 44



Important Places of the park


  • Turia Gate – Entry point 2.5 km from Village Machaan
  • Alikatta – The central hub and meeting point of the Park
  • Piyorthadi – Rocky area famous for leopard sightings
  • Junewani Talao – A small picturesque pond
  • Jamun Nala Area – Mostly Grassland
  • Chindimatta – Junction of roads from Chindwara-Seoni-Maharashtra
  • Sitaghat /Raiyakassa – Breathtaking view of the banks of river Pench and birding
  • Kalapahad – Highest point in the park. Wireless tower installed. Closed for tourists
  • Bodha Nala – Lake and very pretty area
  • Baghin Nala – Most famous for Tiger sightings in the past few seasons
  • Bijamatta – Pond with rocky terrain and hills
  • Karmajhiri – Entry gate on other side of Seoni Range

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