Man Arrested After Six Years of Hunt Who Killed Bear to Eat Their Penis

News update, Madhya Pradesh Bhopal:

Man arrested after six years of hunt who killed bear to eat their penis
Man arrested after six years of hunt who killed bear to eat their penis

In a bizarre, Madhya Pradesh Special Task Force for Wildlife has nabbed one of the most wanted tiger poachers Luzalen alias Jasrat. Jasrat obsessed for killing bears to eat their penises had kept him on the wanted list in several states. The STF MP said that with his arrest the mystery of poaching tigress T13 has been also resolved. Yarlen accepted in front of SIT that she died at his hands.

Police was hunting for this man for the past 6 years. He was nabbed with three fake voter and aadhar cards.  When police interrogated that accused strongly he confessed that he become poacher at the age of 15 and has killed several tigers, sloth beers, hundreds of wild boars and peacocks. He has good understanding with the local villagers’ o that they did not nose around. He would hunt wild boars and gift it to them to buy their silence.

Yarlen use to supply the reproductive organs and gall bladders of male sloth beers to international market as apprehended the police while his connection is under examination. He is also being questioned over two bear kills near the buffer zone of Kanha Tiger Reserve and several others in Chhindwara, Betul and Burhan and Burhanpur in 2014.

Most probable the mystery of killing Tigress T13 has been resolved with his arrest as Yarlen has admitted in front of STF he killed Tigress T13 in Pench National Park. Her skin was found in Nepal. T13’s disappearance had sparked a furore across the country. She was last camera-trapped with its cubs in Raikassa area of Pench on February 28, 2012. Now with the arrest of Yarlen will strengthen India’s case for further examination so that it could moral down if anyone thinking of wildlife poaching.

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