Pench National Park – A Lifeline for Tigers In India – Reasons To Choose Pench As Your Next Wildlife Destination!

The roaring sound of tigers is quite common in the Pench National Park as this place is a lifeline for tigers in India. As the count of tigers is gradually declining in other national parks and reserves in India, Pench National Park is the place where these numbers have grown in recent years. Yes, you must be surprised to know that Pench National Park of Madhya Pradesh in India has recently revealed the growing numbers of its endangered and reserved wildlife species – Royal Bengal Tigers in 2016.

pench national park 2
pench national park 2

As per recent count, there has been an increase in tiger population that was earlier noted as 31 and now reached to 44. This count practice was conducted mutually by Pench Tiger Foundation and Wildlife Conservation Trust on January 2017.

This noted upsurge in the population of tigers has encouraged us to accept Pench National Park as the paradise for tigers. During this count, the authorities have noticed around 7 to 8 tiger cubs available in the park and hence, we can confidently say that this park is a real lifeline for Royal Bengal Tigers as it offers them a perfect ecosystem for a perfect survival and growth.

So, if you feel an attachment to these roaring stars and want to see them moving freely in their natural home, then tour to Pench National Park is the best option for you. For summer holidays, Pench can be a perfect gateway spot for wildlife lovers as it is the best period to see the wilderness of tigers residing inside the park. Now, we will talk about top 5 reasons encouraging wildlife enthusiasts and tiger lovers to plan a tour to Pench National Park. Considering these reasons, you must head to this ultimate tigers’ paradise and enjoy a fantastic wildlife excursion.

Easy To Reach Wildlife Destination in India – Located in the mid zone of India in Madhya Pradesh, Pench National Park offers an easy accessibility to all kinds of tourists coming from any state of the country. Falls in the Seoni district in MP, this park is located on the National Highway 7 where you can reach by road easily. Though this park is divided in different zones, the tourists can enter here through only two entry gates namely Turiya and Karmajhiri. You can find accommodation right close to the Pench Safari gates which make this place a perfect wildlife tour destination for vacationers.

Well-Organised Safari Experiences In Pench National Park – During the months between November – May, you can have the greatest wildlife experience in Pench National Park and Reserve. For witnessing the highest numbers of tigers or having the best tiger encounters, we suggest you to plan your tour to Pench during summers. The Pench National Park allows two safaris in a day. One at 6 AM to 11 AM and second at 3 PM to 6 PM. From the online booking services, the tourists can easily book safaris for Pench National Park and thus the whole process is smart and well-organised. During your visit, you must carry your ID proof like Adhaar Card with you.

Experience Sighting A Variety of Wild Animals Moving In Their Natural Home – Mainly famous for the presence of Royal Bengal Tigers, Pench National Park is a true lifeline for these endangered animals in India. According to the recent tiger count, the park accommodates around 40 tigers inside. Apart from tigers, this place is a home of around 40 mammals’ species, 15 reptiles’ species, 3 amphibians’ species. For more vigour wild encounter, you should concentrate during your visit as you can spot chital, gaur, jackals, sambar, nilgai, wild pig etc. here. Being a lucky tourist, you can find Striped Hyena, Sloth Bear and Indian Leopard.

Great Experience To Observe Responses Of Forest Guards And Tour Guides To The Calls of Wilds – Pench National Park employs great forest guards and guides who know the perfect way to respond to the calls of wild animals. Being professional and highly experienced in their job, they easily understand the calls of animals and respond in a right way to these calls. So, you must feel thrilled over these observations. Taking inspiration from the monkey calls to chirping for birds, these guides pay attention to each and every small aspect that occurs in the region and thus, share knowledge about their observation during these trips.

High Probabilities To Discover Tigers – As Pench National Park & Reserve spans in a huge area of 760 sq. km from which 299 sq. km makes the main area and remaining 464 sq. km makes the buffer area. In the summers, the visitors have high probabilities to spot tigers in this place with around 40 tigers with significant water bodies. With around 2 or 3 Pench Safaris, a vacationer can have great encounters with tigers.So, these are some key reasons to make Pench National Park as your next wildlife and tiger special destination. Plan a perfect gateway this holiday season and discover the unseen sights of wild tigers in Pench.

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