Take Pleasure of Wildlife Safari in Pench National Park – Sharing A Personal Experience!

Pench National Park is an attractive destination to a passionate wildlife lover like me and this attraction dragged me to the deciduous forest of Madhya Pradesh – Pench National Park and Reserve where I had a wonderful wildlife safari experience that was beyond my imagination. Sharing my experiences in this post, I would like to fuel up all the wildlife explorers and direct them to a magical realm of wild safari in Pench National Park. So, let me share my story of wildlife safari in Pench National Park that I had recently during my vacations.

In The Wildlife Reserve Of Pench –

Scrolling through the Pench forest in the dry teak jungle region on a scorching summer noon, I started my safari excursion in Pench National Park along with few of my friends with similar likings and love for wildlife. Being passionate about finding unseen wildlife species in their natural habitat, we all were extremely excited on this tour. No doubt, the summer noon was harsh, but our curiosity to meet the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger – the pride of Pench was on the top. So, we kept moving in the deciduous forest of Pench in an open jeep, holding a camera in my hand.

Suddenly, a loud but dominating roar of leopard dragged our attention to it as our guide told us that this roar is from the leopard. The roar of the big cat was truly stunning and our jeep got stopped at the moment. Everyone in our jeep started scanning the jungle immediately for having the glimpse of roaring creature and then our nature expert pointed his finger towards the area around grassland where we spotted the Leopard having rest under the open sky.

This was a remarkable sight of the beast – the leopard as I never had this sort of opportunity earlier during my previous safari experiences. It seemed as the luck was at my side. This sight made me still for some time when I had a brief eye contact with the resting beast.

During this session, I had many great and rare moments to click amazing pictures of the leopard which I desperately wanted to. After sometime, the leopard stood up and move back to his earlier spot and then, we too started our jeep and driven ahead to more wildlife encounters.

Pench National Park & Its Unbreakable Relation With Wildlife –
birds in pench national parkBeing an old and notable wildlife destination in India, Pench National Park and Reserve shares a relation that cannot be broken so easily with wildlife. Giving shelter to uncountable wild species, this park has become an integral part of wildlife treasures of India. Spanned in the southern region of Madhya Pradesh in Seoni district, this reserve covers a huge area of around 758 sq. kms from which 299 sq. kms area is said to be the main territory of this park. Immensely dominated with trees of mahua and teak, Pench is a fully dry forest in the summers.

The safari drive in the leafless forest trees of Pench goes on to several miles and we had a mysterious sense throughout. In the morning, the climate was a bit fine, but as noon strikes, the temperature went on to around 40 degrees. In such a hot climate, we kept on chasing wildlife of Pench Forest where we found leopards and dogs moving around. As per the recent leopard count of Pench, they are around 100 in the park and the counting of wild dogs is yet unknown.

pench national park 2
pench national park 2

This is truly an extra ordinary park with great ambiance and surroundings. Finding a similar king of wildlife destination in the state of Madhya Pradesh is something not possible. The view of curvy roads and naked forest trees alongside the River is indeed divine and alluring for a nature lover like me and this view is quite similar to what we saw in the famous cartoon film – Mowgli.

Sharing Morning Safari Experience in Pench National Park –

Being a morning guy, I love the idea of morning safari. While exploring the treasures of Pench Forest, I was fully bewildered with the serenity of the environment of the park. The dry rustling leaves and chirping birds create a happy environment that is a great treat for tourists enjoying the morning safari. At that time, I loved the cold and soothing breeze and the forest sound. This time, we were taken to the core area of Tiger Reserve in Pench. For that purpose, we were taken there through Karmajhiri Gate. At that time, only 2 more jeeps were there waiting to get entry. The reason for less vehicles available there was the availability of resorts near Turia Gate.

After taking official permission, our jeep entered the Pench Forest along with a guide for a better safari experience. Being a curious wildlife enthusiast, I kept my eyes on the jungle to search leopards or big cats of Pench. Apart from giants of Pench, I felt great on seeing spotted deer available in abundance there.

The guide helped me a lot to have great sights of wild animals of the park and with the rising sun, there wildlife sights got clearer and better. The golden rays of sun enhanced the overall beauty of the jungle and I actually loved that ambiance.

Morning safari in Pench allowed me to see wild animals namely Indian Roller bird, sambar, langurs, peacocks, deer, monkeys etc. I was thrilling seeing the way these birds and animals living in the forest in a great harmony.

Encounter With RaiyyaKassa –
As tigers and leopards are the key attraction of every national park and reserve, we were also hoping high for encountering the big cat of Pench in our morning safari excursion. Our guide was quite alert for any of the alarm call and I was also eager for the same. With the rapidly growing temperature, we started feeling less probability to find any tiger in the park and then we entered the Bijamatta area of the Pench Forest. As there we saw several vehicles standing to see tiger, we also stopped there for a while. After waiting for some time, I got that opportunity which was waited for long. The epic sight of tiger near the water hole was actually enlightening. The driver started driving alongside the tiger as he walked to water hole and sat there. I had great clicks of that tiger and was told by our guide that he is called with a name RaiyyaKassa in Pench National Park and nearby areas.

So, the tour to Pench Forest and Reserve is truly brilliant as it was packed with excitement, fun, surprises, wild encounters and so much more.

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